The Early Hours - The Early Hours

Label:Spinning Top Records
Highlights:She’s A Go Go
E.K. Special
Dialled Off Her Mind
Two Girls
This Is No Good

Rating: 8/10

The Early Hours self funded debut CD is a brilliant album of sixties influenced garage pop that is cool, sharp and raw. It is hard to believe that the Early Hours hadn’t played a live gig before recording this album, as they come across as being a really tight outfit. Lead singer Kirk Pohl has a knack for writing really catchy songs that are well complemented by Sean Carthew’s simple but appropriately loud and fuzzy guitar. Highlights include the garage pop-punk of She’s A Go Go, the swampy This Is No Good, the surprisingly sincere Sunshine Changes Everything and the politically incorrect Two Girls (which not surprising is the first song that they wrote with a chorus of two girls are better than one). Other songs such as Big Star and Dialled Off Her Mind have a more traditional jangly pop sound. I have no doubt that The Early Hours self titled debut album is set to become a classic even though they only released 500 copies.

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